Do Not Panic is a World of Warcraft guild playing on Zenedar EU.

The origins of Do Not Panic begin in 2009 during the Wrath of the Lich King era on the Alliance faction of the RP-PVP realm Sporeggar. Do Not Panic came into existence after the collapse of the realms leading guild during the Burning Crusade era, Firefly. Do Not Panic was intended to be a fresh start under new leadership, featuring many of the same faces that had made Firefly successful with the addition of some new ones. Do Not Panic quickly established its-self as the top raiding guild on the realm, claiming all realm first kills during WoTLK along with the Realm First ‘Alone in the Darkness’ achievement/title. It was during WotLK that the key members of our Horde competitor guild Silver Storm chose to merge into Do Not Panic – many are still with us to this day.

As WotLK wrapped up and the Cataclysm began, many key members of Do Not Panic chose to move to the Horde on Zenedar to form a new guild with another group. The new guild was called Propane, and many members and friends of Do Not Panic-Sporeggar chose to move to Zenedar to join this new guild. However, Propane was not long to be – interest from the other group quickly waned and leadership of the guild passed back to Do Not Panic members. Soon after, we changed the guild name to Do Not Panic – after all, who wants to be named after a flammable gas? During Cataclysm, we focused on 10-man Heroic (modern-day Mythic) content, and were successful in clearing most Heroic content while it was still current.

Mists of Pandaria saw several of the Cataclysm raid group step back from raiding, and many new (and returning) faces step in to fill their shoes. Do Not Panic continued to achieve respectable success in 10-man raiding – finishing the expansion with the realm’s 3rd Heroic (now Mythic) Garrosh kill in 10-man.

Warlords of Draenor introduced 20-man Mythic difficulty, which brought forth its own set of issues for a historically 10-man focused guild. We needed to field double the number of raiders, raid leadership needed to be stricter and loot distribution needed more hands-on organization. For a number of reasons, Do Not Panic saw limited success in this expansion period.

With Legion now upon us, Do Not Panic is now at its most active since Cataclysm. This expansion, we plan to re-focus our efforts on Heroic difficulty within our limited 6 hours raiding week.